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I love doing education at salons across the country because I always end up with great stories, memories, and anecdotes that lead to fresh insights and help me educate and inspire stylists.


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Here’s one of my favorite (and strangest) stories: I was once visiting a salon where one of the stylists was being recognized as a great employee because she cleaned the bathroom.

The entire team rallied around her, praising her and thanking her for scrubbing their communal toilet. After all the affirmations were said and done, something wasn’t sitting quite right about the whole situation. So I asked her a question in front of the group.

“Do you like cleaning the bathroom?”

“Not really, ” she replied. “I do it because sometimes when I go in the bathroom, it’s just so dirty.”

“Are you the only one who cleans it?” I asked. The stylist shrugged. “No. Everyone on the team takes turns cleaning it.”

That cleaning schedule sounds fair, right? All of them use the bathroom, so they should all pitch in. But what if it’s less about being fair and more about doing what you love (and not doing what you don’t love)? This theory has proven to be true in my salons, but I wanted to test it out with this salon, too. So I asked a few more questions.

“How many of you hate cleaning the bathroom?” It took a minute, but eventually four hands popped up.

“Great. You don’t ever have to clean the bathroom again.”

As you can imagine, this statement caused quite a reaction. But I quickly followed up by finding out who didn’t mind cleaning the bathroom (or, better yet, who actually enjoyed it) and told them it was their responsibility going forward.

Then I encouraged the salon to consider assigning all their responsibilities this way, making sure that people could do what they loved and not feel forced to do things they hated. I’ve seen this build a salon culture that lets people live out their natural gifts and talents and encourages a great spirit of teamwork when certain tasks need more attention than others. Because positive attitudes breed positive outcomes.

I dare you to try it in your salon and see what happens.

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P.S. Want more methods like this to encourage a great spirit of team work in your salon? Click here to stream more training content for a full 7-days



How To  Texture with a Twist



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Also…Last week, we talked about pre-gaming for the holiday hair surge, and this updo delivers all the goods. A cross between a French twist and messy chignon, it’s heavy on the texture and perfect for guests who love playing up their natural texture.

Like all styles, this look is comprised of a few key techniques that are put together in a fresh way: smoothing, curling, backcombing and pinning. Once you have those down, it’s up to you to build and create the shape to perfection.

Today is the perfect time to practice these tried-and-true techniques on SPRx so you can create something extraordinary in the chair tomorrow. Keep us posted on your progress by tagging #BuiltWithSPRx and telling us what techniques you used to craft your look.



Go Forth and Color


We’re so grateful that our dear friend and inspirational hair color guru Dell Miller shares his expertise with all our members on SPRx. With more than 100+ hair color modules to choose from, it’s basically like being his personal apprentice. Take one or take them all—either way, you’re getting some of the best hair color training in the business.

At SPRx, we talk endlessly about being the expert by educating your guest—but it all begins with educating yourself. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with inspiring experts like Dell and bring you the latest and very greatest in hair color trends and techniques to keep the education going. So go forth and color!


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