[Free Training] How To Recruit New Guests To Your Hair Styling Business Or Salon

[Free Training] How To Recruit New Guests To Your Hair Styling Business Or Salon2019-01-03T16:46:15+00:00
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Power Of Reciprocation

When recruiting new guests, think about what it means to build your book and how to get as many clients through the door so that they can experience the expert you are. It is important to make sure the barrier of entry for guests is as low as possible. Rather than giving out discount services, I would suggest giving out free services, as they can be beneficial in helping get an initial run of clients into your chair.

When opening up a new salon or trying to build a book, offer free haircuts for first time guests.

This is a great strategy: the guest will come in, and since they don’t have to pay for the haircut, they will likely end up spending money on product, which benefits the salon as a whole business. Secondly, you will benefit, as you will usually get tipped. Lastly, you will begin to build your book because of this.

Here’s how the cycle works: a new guest comes in and they receive a free service. If they loved you, then you can encourage them to invite their friends. You can then reward that guest by offering them the next haircut for fifty percent off or for free if they have three of their friends come in.

Finding Your ‘Champion’ Client

You can also do this with this existing clientele. Find ‘champions,’ current clients who are totally on board with helping you build your books, and encourage them to bring in friends and family as well. In this way, you can then reward your client by giving them a free service if they invite five friends. This works well because, usually, nice people know nice people.

In any case, you get to be able to give good news and gifts to your friends and family because they can experience you free of charge. From there, you are able to expand your book exponentially, compacting and compressing more clients into your time.

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