The Power of an Honest Conversation

Thanks to the internet, smartphones and endlessly updating social media feeds, today’s guests have instant access to more information about their hair than ever before. Sometimes this means a guest will come to an appointment armed with information. They confidently tell you what they want, and how they want you to do it.  



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But what about the guest who doesn’t know what they want? The one who says, “Do whatever you want to my hair,” and appears to mean it? Here’s what I know: they don’t actually mean it. In reality, they have very specific ideas about how they want their hair to look—or not look.

Case in point: when a guest tells me to do whatever I want, I say, “Great—I’m giving you a mohawk.” They protest immediately: “No! I don’t want a mohawk!”

Now we’re having an honest conversation.

No matter how open a guest may seem to change or your creative ideas, it is essential to conduct a thorough consultation with every guest to ensure their expectations—even the unspoken ones—are met. This only happens by taking time to discuss options, consider all the variables (time, budget, lifestyle, sense of style, etc.) and come to an agreement together.

I think a guest who says “Do whatever you want” actually means “I don’t know what I want, and I want you to tell me.” An expert begins this process discussion; they don’t just plunge ahead and create whatever they want. Because it’s never about doing what you want—it’s always about giving the guest exactly what they want.

From the consultation to the technical skill to the styling, JRP is here to help you turn your next “whatever” into a well-planned, beautiful hair cut or style your guest loves.

Monday Motivation: Dry Hair Don’t Lie

As Jon once said, “Cutting hair wet is like speaking in Latin. It’s old, it’s outdated, and it doesn’t have a place in the modern world. If you’re cutting hair wet, you’re speaking a dead language. You’re using a Blackberry instead of a smartphone, and you’re about to go bankrupt.”

His dry-hair-don’t-lie mantra has inspired hairdressers around the world and revolutionized a beauty industry that was focused more on the traditions and techniques of the past than trying something new that just might change the future.

That’s why the goal of all of us at SPRx is to offer effective, precise techniques made for real-life hair cutting scenarios and embrace innovative ways to do things differently, all designed to help you be a successful stylist in the modern world. So if you haven’t explored dry cutting yet, take some time on SPRx to learn the innovative technique and see its impeccable results.


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