You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Give It

As we head into another season of giving, I’m reminded of this great TED talk about happiness that tells the story of a social experiment performed with college students in Vancouver. Students were given envelopes filled with money and a set of instructions. Half the group was told to spend the money on themselves; the other half was told to spend the money on someone else.



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At the end of the day, the researchers reconnected with the students and asked how they felt. The group who spent money on themselves saw no increase or decrease in their level of happiness. But the group who spent money on others experienced a noticeable growth in their happiness. Another surprise was that the amount of money they had to give was nearly irrelevant—it didn’t matter how much they gave as long as they were giving to someone else.

Throughout the talk, the speaker explored the relationship between money and happiness from a variety of different angles, but kept coming back to one, central mantra: You can’t buy happiness, but you can most certainly give it.

As hairdressers, we’re in the happiness business. We stand behind the chair and give our guests happiness by giving them our time, our talents, and our expertise. And we can build our business on happiness but asking guests to bring in their friends and families to see us.

One way to do this is to give your best and most loyal guests five cards for a free service with you. Chances are, if you love them as a client, you’ll probably love their friends and family, too. Plus, it’s a great way to help grow your books and keep them full. Your guest gets the joy of giving that gift to someone else, which not only grows their own happiness but the happiness of the person they choose to be the lucky recipient. Then you get to give that happiness right back with an outstanding hair service.

The result? A never-ending spiral of happiness that just keeps on going. True happiness is contagious—once you learn that you can gain happiness by giving it away, you’ll only want to keep on giving.


Monday Motivation: Chain-Link Braids

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Sometimes just a slight twist on the ordinary can lead to something extraordinary. In this case, adding simple metal loops to a pair of visible braids does the trick. Pairing these super-slick sides with a chain-link effect creates a hyper-urban style perfect for an editorial shoot, the runway or just every day. And the technically perfect braid that acts as the foundation of it all is essential to this look’s success.

If you’re feeling as inspired as we are, take some time this week to explore the wide variety of braid techniques and styles available on SPRx. Then experiment with different braid-embellishment combos and see what brand of extraordinary you can create.


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